Antiques Valuations

Sales Valuations

We have a monthly series of valuation days in our Milton Road Auction Rooms, where our team can give you free advice on selling items at our auctions in Wokingham. The next dates for the valuation days are posted on the front page of Antiques section of the website, and are also included in our sales calendar. You can also follow us on social media, where we will keep you up to date. No appointment is necessary on these days.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment to see a specialist at the saleroom at other times, or we can arrange to come to your home for free verbal advice.

Probate Valuations

Handling the Probate of a loved one can be a complicated, stressful and emotional time. Our auctioneer is a Chartered Fine Art and Antiques Surveyor with over 20 years experience in completing probate valuations for executors - private individuals and solicitors alike. We provide you with three copies of the valuation for Inheritance Tax and items of siginificant value will be individually listed and valued. These valuations are carried out in a discrete and professional manner, ensuring the confidence of our clients.

We can also assist the estate in handling the contents that has not been inherited by family and friends. At the same time as preparing the valuation for Inheritance Tax we can also provide a list of the items that would be suitable for our Wokingham auctions. In liaison with our carriers, we can also arrange the clearance of the property. We can arrange for items not suitable for auction to be donated to charity, where appropriate, or disposed of in a suitable and professional manner.

Insurance Valuations

Most Contents Insurance does not require a specific valuation when the policy is first taken out. Even the most valuable items may not need to be itemised on the schedule. However, if you suffer a loss, especially by fire or theft, the stress of the claims process can be made considerably easier if a valuation of the significant contents had been kept, either by yourself or your broker, to prove your claim. A valuation can also assist in ensuring that your policy has suitable cover for your needs.

Our experience includes insurance valuations for a single item as well as major private and corporate collections. We have also experience of Loss Adjusting and understand what might be requiried by insurance companies should you have to make a claim. We can therefore tailor your valuation to your needs.

All our insurance valuations are fully illustrated with detailed descriptions. Two copies of the valuation is sent to you, allowing you to have a 'back-up' copy.

Please contact us for further details regarding any of our valuation services.

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